Understanding Statistics and Statistical Myths: How to Become a Profound Learner

Understanding statistics and statistical myths how to become a profound learner – Castaneda-Mendez – 2016


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Publisher: CRC Press (November 18, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 149872745X
ISBN-13: 978-1498727457

Addressing 30 statistical myths in the areas of data, estimation, measurement system analysis, capability, hypothesis testing, statistical inference, and control charts, this book explains how to understand statistics rather than how to do statistics. Every statistical myth listed in this book has been stated in course materials used by the author’s clients, by employers, or by experts in training thousands.

Each myth is an unconditional statement that, when taken literally and at face value, is false. All are false under some conditions while a few are not true under any condition. This book explores the conditions that render false the universality of the statements to help you understand why.

In the book, six characters discuss various topics taught in a fictional course intended to teach students how to apply statistics to improve processes. The reader follows along and learns as the students apply what they learn to a project in which they are team members.

Each discussion is like a Platonic dialogue. The purpose of a Platonic dialogue is to analyze a concept, statement, hypothesis, or theory through questions, applications, examples, and counterexamples, to see if it is true, when it is true, and why it is true when it is true. The dialogues will help readers understand why certain statements are not always true under all conditions, as well as when they contradict other myths.

About the Author

Kicab Castaneda-Mendez, founder of Process Excellence Consultants, Chapel Hill, NC, provides consulting and training on operational excellence using lean Six Sigma methodologies, balanced scorecard and Baldrige framework.