The Naked and the Lens: A Guide to Nude Photography

The naked and the lens a guide to nude photography – Benjamin – 2010



Publisher: Focal Press; 1 edition (September 16, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0240811593
ISBN-13: 978-0240811598


Finding a worthwhile text on the subject of photographing nudes can be as daunting and, ultimately, disappointing as finding a good cup of coffee in an unfamiliar locale. Focal Press has produced a book that can save photographers of any ability level precious searching time so that he/she can be out shooting instead. The Naked and the Lens is a paradoxically concise yet digestibly complete examination of nude photography that treats the subject matter with rightful professional respect. It strikes an uncommon and welcomed balance between the unwieldy and haughty tomes on this subject and the pamphlet-like publications whose cookbook approaches fail to provide critical context. A resourceful guide for photographers of the naked/nude form, The Naked and the Lens provides historical, technical, and practical information yet manages through careful image selection and unassuming writing style to be effectively engaging such that the reader may find it useful to keep a Post-It note pad at arm’s reach!

“Rather than a photographer, I consider myself an artist who uses a camera. The Naked and the Lens is a book I would not only appreciate having in my library, but I would actually purchase it to give to amateur and professional photographer friends of mine for their own collections. It’ll be dog-eared in no time!” – Charles Laurier Dufour, Fine Art Nude Photographer,

“As an experienced fine art nude photographer, I found the The Naked and the Lens to be a very comprehensive look on the subject. It covers the gamut from the basics of photography as applied to this genre to finding models and how to work with them to achieve the results you want. I use many techniques mentioned to achieve my own artistic vision. As someone who has moved from the film to digital world, I especially appreciate the emphasis on digital techniques in camera and post processing. I even learned some new techniques! I highly recommend the book to both new photographers starting to explore nude photography as well as experienced ones to refresh your knowledge on nude photography as an art form, or learn something new if you are exploring digital camera or post processing.” – Eric Scott, Fine Art Nude Photographer,

“[A] must for any photography library.” – Midwest Book Review

From the Back Cover

Achieve beautiful and professional results with the pivotal guide to capturing inspiring nude forms. Each stunning photograph shows you how each shot can be technically achieved, and that nude photography is limitless. This book covers everything you need to know, from concept to post-production, including lighting, direction, and artistic re-interpretations of the nude form. Find models and prepare for your shoots with the legal considerations every photographer should know.

RAW capture, post-production with Photoshop and shooting with a gray card to obtain the most accurate while balance, are covered in effective detail. You can obtain studio quality effects from the lighting section, such as making hot-shoe flashes by converting them into umbrellas and soft boxes. Through interviews with leading international nude photographers and practical advice The Naked and the Lens will show you how to create striking nude works of art.

About the Author

Lou Benjamin teaches a variety of technique courses at The International School of Photography.