How to listen LOSSLESS music

Lossless is considered a type of uncompressed music. It mean the sound quality in lossless file is similar to Compact Disc. In the other hand, MP3 is called lossy music. Because the music will be cut at the high frequency in order to decrease the size of the MP3 file. MP3 will be never compared with Compact Disc; however, a LOSSLESS file can be decoded and burn to Audio CD with the sound quality approximate 99% of the original Compact Disc

Lossless could be encoded in many container, such as FLAC, APE, WavPack, TAK…I will show you how to listen these kind of lossless files

As a usual, I recommend using Foobar2000 to play lossless file. It is free and light. You can follow my demonstration to install the proram in this post

After installing the program, you have to download some components to play lossless file.

ape component

tak component

The installation process is similar to SACD, see how on this post

You can see there are two kind of music files: tracks and image. If the music file is divided into single tracks. You simply click on your favorite music track. Otherwise, the file is packed into an image. This image contain the whole album and will play from the beginning to the end when you click to it. In this case, you have to click to CUE file which have a list all the tracks of the image.

cue image fileIf you have error when you click to the CUE file. That mean the file extension (.flac, .ape, .tak) is not correct in the CUE file. This is how to solve this problem:

Right-click the CUE file, choose “Open with”, then choose “Notepad”

cue file error 1

In the Notepad window, notice the filename of the FILE have to exactly correct with the filename of the image

cue file error 2

In some cases, the filename in CUE file will be This is IMAGE file.wav. You have to change it with the correct extension of the image file: This is IMAGE file.flac