How to listen SACD

1. Go to this address to download Foobar2000 software, choose “Latest stable version”

download foobar

2. After installation, the programe will look like this:


3. After that, you have to download SACD decoder component to able to play SACD file. This component can be downloaded at the address:

4. After decompressing the rar file, double-click on the file “foo_input_sacd”

sacd component

5. Another window will appear:

foobar component install 1

6. Press “OK”. Another window will appear, press “YES” to continue

foobar component install 2

7. Press “OK” to restart Foobar2000

foobar component install 3

8. To open SACD file, you simply press the right-mouse-button on ISO file and choose “Open with”, then choose “Foobar2000”

open sacd iso