How to convert an image file into individual tracks

Many of albums in audipad will be an image file plus CUE file. I had show you how to open image file through CUE file. But some people want to have separated tracks of this image file. Firstly, you have to download CUETools from this address:

After extract the compressed file, you double-click to the file CUETools.exe


After that, the programme will appear


You will follow 7 steps below, each steps is correlative with the number in the picture

Step 1: Press the folder icon in Input and chose the CUE file of the image which you want to convert. In this case, I want to convert the image file named “James Newton Howard – Blood Diamond” into individual tracks. I will go to the album “Blood Diamond – James Newton Howard” and chose the CUE file named “James Newton Howard – Blood Diamond”

Step 2: Press the folder icon in Output and chose where to save the tracks after converting. In this case, I will create a folder named “Tracks” and chose this folder for all my tracks. The file image.cue will be automatically created when you chose the folder

Step 3: Chose “Encode” because we will convert all the tracks to wav format

Step 4: Chose “Tracks”, of course

Step 5: Chose “Lossless”

Step 6: Chose “wav”

And finally, we will press the “Go” button in step 7

The new window will appear


This window allow you to chose the meta-data for the tracks. If you don’t know what to do, just chose the CUE name and press “Ok”

Wait a few minute for the converting progress finishes


After finished, you can open the Tracks folder


If you have any question, please ask me